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Solar Water Fountains Now And For The Future

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Solar Water Fountains Add To A Greener World

Solar Water Fountains are among the many products that operate from the energy provided from the power of the sun. There are beginning to be more and more products on the market these days that operate from solar power. We have all had solar calculators for many years and have gotten to the point that we take them so much for granted. Now there are even solar fencers that provides electricity to charge the fences that keep cows and sheep contained. Solar fountains is just another product to add to that growing list. With more and more use of solar or wind power, we are relying less on the fossil fuels that are needed to generate electricity.

The next question that arises is just how do solar fountains work? The solar cells like you see on house roofs are called photovoltaic cells or more commonly called PV cells. These cells are built into a panel known as a solar panel. Most solar panels are made of silicon, being superb semiconductors of solar energy. When light hits the solar panels, some electrons are freed and forced to flow in a certain direction. The metal contacts that are installed on the ends of the PV cells harness the power from the current of the free electrons. (image

New Technology In Solar Water Fountains

The one problem we have had over time with solar water features is that they required full sun all the time to operate. When the sun went behind the clouds, the water from the pump would quit running. Imagine yourself just getting to your backyard, sitting back to relax in your chaise lounge chair and the water quits running on your solar fountain. Many of the new solar water features have a solar on demand feature. They have an included battery that after exposing the solar panel to the sun for 2 full days will operate the fountain pump for up to 4 hours. So, you will be able to enjoy your water fountain even on an overcast day after returning home from work. Sometimes after a long day at work, you may not get home until the light of the day starts drawing dim. You will be able to turn your solar on demand fountain on to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Some of these new fountains include LED lights that turn on automatically in the night time hours for a wonderful illuminating display.

More Advantages For Solar Fountains

Once you have your solar water fountain, you will be able to place it anywhere in your backyard that you like as long as the solar panel has access to direct sunlight. For an electric fountain, one has to be concerned with placement since there needs to be a power source near the fountain. That isn’t always an easy task. Using solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment around us and very quietly runs the solar pump.

More Traditional Solar Fountains

Many of the more traditional solar water fountains that are normally a little less expensive but yet are very charming in a garden setting are the solar cascading fountains. There are several different styles and colors that would match most any outside garden. One really great advantage these cascading fountains have is that there is an AC/DC adapter available for them so that if need be, you can plug them into an electrical source. Click here for more information on the adapter for these fountains. So if you really want to enjoy your fountain year round, then bring it indoors and plug it in for relaxation in the winter months as well.

If you are wanting to do your share for a clean and green world, check out the solar water fountains at Fountains Everywhere. Our large variety of solar water features keeps increasing daily as we keep adding more fountains to our lineup. A slideshow of the solar fountains available can be seen  below.

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