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Rude Awakening In Our Quaint Rural Community

Posted by: relaxation4 | December 31, 2012 | No Comment |

Rude Awakening In Our Rural Community

We are located in a very rural area in western Pennsylvania. In the summertime here, an exciting day is when the grass grows an inch. The wind blows, the grass grows, cows graze in the summer, snow flies in the winter, and the birds sing. But our community was abruptly brought into the world of unjust a couple weeks ago. We lost a humble, honorable pillar of our community from a tragic shooting. He was a friend to everyone he encountered, not asking anything in return. We was our friend, relative and last but not least our mechanic. If there was ever anything anyone needed, he would be the first to offer his “shirt off his back.” ┬áDave Dignall will be missed. There are few days that go by that we don’t think of his family, wife, Crickett, 3 children and grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. They are strong and will get through this.

From our quiet rural world where nothing ever happens, we just have a difficult time understanding the reasoning behind such a horrible act of taking the life of a truly honorable man. To our urban friends who deal with this kind of thing on a regular basis, our hats go off to you for being able to deal with tradegy while life goes on. I am sure that this rural community was immune to these acts, but our world has been shaken and our eyes opened. We are now no different than the many other communities that thought they were also above these criminal acts.

Have a happy and above all a safe new year!

Nancy Clark

Fountains Everywhere


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