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Solar Water Fountains Now And For The Future

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Solar Water Fountains Add To A Greener World

Solar Water Fountains are among the many products that operate from the energy provided from the power of the sun. There are beginning to be more and more products on the market these days that operate from solar power. We have all had solar calculators for many years and have gotten to the point that we take them so much for granted. Now there are even solar fencers that provides electricity to charge the fences that keep cows and sheep contained. Solar fountains is just another product to add to that growing list. With more and more use of solar or wind power, we are relying less on the fossil fuels that are needed to generate electricity.

The next question that arises is just how do solar fountains work? The solar cells like you see on house roofs are called photovoltaic cells or more commonly called PV cells. These cells are built into a panel known as a solar panel. Most solar panels are made of silicon, being superb semiconductors of solar energy. When light hits the solar panels, some electrons are freed and forced to flow in a certain direction. The metal contacts that are installed on the ends of the PV cells harness the power from the current of the free electrons. (image

New Technology In Solar Water Fountains

The one problem we have had over time with solar water features is that they required full sun all the time to operate. When the sun went behind the clouds, the water from the pump would quit running. Imagine yourself just getting to your backyard, sitting back to relax in your chaise lounge chair and the water quits running on your solar fountain. Many of the new solar water features have a solar on demand feature. They have an included battery that after exposing the solar panel to the sun for 2 full days will operate the fountain pump for up to 4 hours. So, you will be able to enjoy your water fountain even on an overcast day after returning home from work. Sometimes after a long day at work, you may not get home until the light of the day starts drawing dim. You will be able to turn your solar on demand fountain on to create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Some of these new fountains include LED lights that turn on automatically in the night time hours for a wonderful illuminating display.

More Advantages For Solar Fountains

Once you have your solar water fountain, you will be able to place it anywhere in your backyard that you like as long as the solar panel has access to direct sunlight. For an electric fountain, one has to be concerned with placement since there needs to be a power source near the fountain. That isn’t always an easy task. Using solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment around us and very quietly runs the solar pump.

More Traditional Solar Fountains

Many of the more traditional solar water fountains that are normally a little less expensive but yet are very charming in a garden setting are the solar cascading fountains. There are several different styles and colors that would match most any outside garden. One really great advantage these cascading fountains have is that there is an AC/DC adapter available for them so that if need be, you can plug them into an electrical source. Click here for more information on the adapter for these fountains. So if you really want to enjoy your fountain year round, then bring it indoors and plug it in for relaxation in the winter months as well.

If you are wanting to do your share for a clean and green world, check out the solar water fountains at Fountains Everywhere. Our large variety of solar water features keeps increasing daily as we keep adding more fountains to our lineup. A slideshow of the solar fountains available can be seen  below.

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Rude Awakening In Our Quaint Rural Community

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Rude Awakening In Our Rural Community

We are located in a very rural area in western Pennsylvania. In the summertime here, an exciting day is when the grass grows an inch. The wind blows, the grass grows, cows graze in the summer, snow flies in the winter, and the birds sing. But our community was abruptly brought into the world of unjust a couple weeks ago. We lost a humble, honorable pillar of our community from a tragic shooting. He was a friend to everyone he encountered, not asking anything in return. We was our friend, relative and last but not least our mechanic. If there was ever anything anyone needed, he would be the first to offer his “shirt off his back.”  Dave Dignall will be missed. There are few days that go by that we don’t think of his family, wife, Crickett, 3 children and grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them. They are strong and will get through this.

From our quiet rural world where nothing ever happens, we just have a difficult time understanding the reasoning behind such a horrible act of taking the life of a truly honorable man. To our urban friends who deal with this kind of thing on a regular basis, our hats go off to you for being able to deal with tradegy while life goes on. I am sure that this rural community was immune to these acts, but our world has been shaken and our eyes opened. We are now no different than the many other communities that thought they were also above these criminal acts.

Have a happy and above all a safe new year!

Nancy Clark

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Announcing New Line of Gorgeous Fountains With Fire

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Alpine Fountains With Fire

We have recently added a new line of fountains with fire to our already exciting line of water fountains that can be placed indoors or outdoors. In my opinion, there are no better relaxation elements than fire and water, and when put together in one unit you have the ultimate in relaxation. Now with the advent of Alpine’s Ultra Fire LED Light technology, we can enjoy what appears to be fire without the fire hazard. No more need for fire starter or gels to start a fire.

Better Than A Campfire

If you have ever had the luxury of sitting by a campfire in the evening and watching the flames flicker, now you will have that luxury with these fire fountains. Plus they provide the added benefit of listening to the flowing water providing  even more relaxation. These fountains with fire also furnish a true romantic atmosphere for young and old lovers alike.

Several Models Available

All models of the fountains with fire have LED lights that accentuates the falling water in addition to the LED fire for a gorgeous display of light and water. These fire fountains are constructed of durable fiberglass and carry a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the pump.

The Contemporary Fireplace Fire fountain With LED Lights is a vertical water fountain, measuring 36 inches tall, that looks like a contemporary decorative fireplace and with falling water sounds.

The Faux Brick Fireplace Water Feature with LED Lights is a beautiful water feature that would look great in an outdoor garden setting with the fire above a cascading waterfall in a faux brick fireplace. It is also a vertical water feature measuring 38 inches tall.

The Pebble Patio Fountain with Fire and LED Lights is a wonderful water fountain that looks great on a patio or in a garden area with its pebble finish. This patio fountain features cascading water beside the fire with a more horizontal placement being 25 inches high and 29 inches long.

The Tier Cascading Fountain with Fire and LED Lights features a vertical display of fire and water being 37 inches tall. The water cascades down several tiers into a bottom basin with polished river stones with the fire being above the cascading water.

All these fire fountains can easily be enjoyed indoors during the winter months and then be taken and very much enjoyed in an outdoor setting on a patio or in your favorite garden area. Enjoy the video below about our fountains with fire.

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All Birds Are Drawn To Water

Unlike feeders, bird bath fountains can deliver all types of birds up close. This is because lots of birds are not seed-eaters, so they are not drawn to bird feeders. All birds nevertheless, require a safe harbor to clean themselves, drink, and also socialize with additional birds. This is where your birdbath fountain can be an important part of your backyard garden! Providing fresh, clear water to is the best method you can easily implement to deliver them into your garden. Past that, here are a couple of other needs that will deliver birds to your birdbath. (Image

Shallow Water. The water can’t be too deep in a bird bath. In fact, the water in the basin should be no deeper than 3 inches in the center and gradually getting shallower up the sides. Birds are like people, they choose to ease in to the water!

Moving Water. To draw in lots of different types of birds , your birdbath water fountain needs to have some type of a drip or gurgle to encourage them to remain a little while. Moving water naturally attracts more birds from afar than stagnant non moving water.
Rough Bottoms. If your bird bath has a soft, slippery base, birds will not likely spend time there. They do not like loosing their footing any better than you or I do! If your birdbath has a slick base, simply pick up a couple of nonskid stickers or add rocks or pebbles to the bottom of the birdbath. Adding the stickers or stones to the bottom basin of the bird bath water feature provides the birds more confidence and will encourage them to stay longer.

Placement is Crucial. Your birdbath needs to be placed in a region of your yard that is away from shrubbery, so felines can’t wait to pounce on your poor unsuspecting aviary friends. Additionally, if you have a spot with branches hanging down from a bush, placing your bird bath there will provide your bird a spot to jump to. They will adore this, as well as these branches deliver a quick-escape path should they need one.

Backyard Areas Should Be A Safe Haven For Birds

Make the atmosphere in your garden welcome the birds . Landscape your backyards in such a way that will definitely be suitable as a mating and nesting ground for the several bird varieties. Plant many plant varieties of trees and bushes, which will offer the a feel of their natural habitat in a suburban setting, as well as natural yard areas. You may ask your regional field guide for plants which are indigenous in your location. It would also be advantageous to research specific plants of numerous types that would prosper in your area. It is also crucial to keep any kind of disturbance away. As an example, if you have youngsters, make certain to situate their playground as far possible from your designated region for bird habitat. In addition, have nesting locations for the birds as far from bushes to prevent attack from killers. Nesting regions also require adequate air flow.

Give Birds What They Want

Provide for the birds’ requirements and what they are looking for. Much like any pet, delivering them with limitless quantity of food as well as water will certainly maintain them within the confines of your yard. You may have a type of seeds and add syrup as well as suet to the mix since they are largely seed eaters. To efficiently have the food products, you could acquire any of the feeders which afford them with as much privacy as possible when consuming. You also need to give a water source, and also bird bath fountains can assist you do this. For both meals and water, it is indispensable to maintain them with fresh food and water to ensure usage of the birds, and therefore encouraging them to stay in your location.

Moving Water is Best For Birds – Best Provided By A Bird Bath Fountain

If you are afraid that still standing or stagnant water might be a breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitoes, the regular activity of an electrically powered pump in the bird bath can sufficiently break up the water surface to minimize this concern. There are some other eco safe products such as Fountain Fresh (safe for birds) that impedes mosquitoes from laying eggs in your bird bath as a hatching region. Conventional electric power has an advantage in offering a constant and manageable flow fee for the pump. Once again, guarantee proper exterior ratings and also installation techniques for your bird bath fountain.

In Conclusion

By placing a bird bath fountain in the correct place, and also providing the very best haven, you can be successful in drawing birds into your yard and make them stay a long period of time to witness their mating as well as nesting habits. You can easily anticipate them returning in succeeding months and years once they have found a place where they can identify as having all the necessities of their home.

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